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Saturday, May 26, 2018

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Website Photo Policy

Photo and Media Policy

Saint Luke Catholic Church


To do our best to ensure the safety of our community while still demonstrating that the church is the people, and promoting the St. Luke spirit of warmth, family, fellowship, and community, the St. Luke Pastor, staff and Servant Leadership Team have developed this Photo Policy to cover any photos or videos of parishioners or event attendees to be used on the St. Luke website and other electronic, digital or print publications. 


Photography and Video of Minor Children

1.       St. Luke must obtain parental permission from all minors registered in any education or ministry or program at St. Luke to be photographed. A photo release statement will be added to all registration or sign-up forms and leaders must consult the list and inform photographers prior to an event of any children who should not be photographed. Additionally, when submitting photos of minors for publication in a newspaper, newsletter or other printed publication, only include the child’s first name, parents’ name and hometown, but not street address.

Groups required to obtain photo releases for minors include: 

§         Altar Servers

§         Cub Scouts*

§         Boy Scouts*

§         Faith Formation

§         Youth Ministry/ T4C

§         Vacation Bible School

§         Playschool

§         First Sacraments Preparation

§         Baptism Preparation

§         Confirmation Preparation

§         Hispanic Music Ministry

§         MoMS group (children in childcare)

§         Music Ministry (included all choirs including minors (under 18), and any other events where minors not already enrolled in a group will be involved if (i.e., the Cabaret, Fall Festival)

§         Hispanic Ministry          

§         Venturing

§         Agape

§         Any additional St. Luke-sponsored ministry or group now or in the future which includes minors


The following groups dealing with minors do not require registration or sign-up which make obtaining photo releases more difficult. Therefore, no photographs from these activities should be taken or published.

§         Children’s Liturgy

§         Nursery


2.       Photographs of minors must be of past events, rather than including photos with a future location. For example, posting a photo of a past youth event is permissible. Posting a child’s photo with the date and time of a future youth event is not permissible.

3.       If there is no signed photo release for a minor who is included in a group shot (i.e. First Communion Group Shot), the individual publishing the picture on the website, in a newsletter or other media will obscure the image of that minor prior to publishing or displaying the photo.

General Photography and Video Guidelines

1.       Individuals (minors and adults) in photographs on website or other publications will not be identified by name on the publication or by the uploaded file name, with the following exceptions:

a.        Children receiving awards or recognition. Parents need to give express permission for the name to be attached prior to publication.

b.       Adults receiving awards or recognition (for example, the Salt and Light Awards). 

2.       When shooting photographs at an event, which includes the public or other parishioners, including minors not already covered by a photo release, photographers, should let subjects know who you are and how you will use the photos. Additionally, the following procedures will ensure photo safety. 

a.        Candid or Group Shots – St. Luke’s reserves the right to take candid community or group shots in which individuals, including minors, are not prominently featured and no identifying information is presented and to include them in approved St. Luke communication tools (i.e. newsletters, website, bulletin boards, etc) without requiring the written consent of each person in the shot. Any individual in a group photo who sees him/herself in a group photo and would like it removed may follow the photo removal procedure. Examples include crowds at the festival, audience at a musical presentation or mission, groups assembled for holy days, etc. 

b.       Individuals – Any time that an individual or small groups of individuals are photographed or any group is asked to pose for a photograph, each adult must be asked for either written or verbal consent to post the images on the website or other publication. Photographers submitting photos to the church for use on the website, bulletin boards or other publications must provide written releases from the adults in the picture or sign a photographer’s release stating that they obtained verbal consent from the individuals in the photo [From a practical standpoint you may wish to require a written release for all pictures used on outside publications or electronic media (i.e. website, electronic/digitally available newsletters, blogs, etc) and require only one release from the writer or publisher of internal newsletters, slideshows or bulletin boards that verifies that he/she obtained or verified consent on all media used within their display or publication].  All releases for minors must be in writing either on file or submitted separately and signed by the parents. It is recommended that photographers obtain written releases for minors at large events unless they have personal knowledge of whether a release is already on file (i.e. Faith Formation employee).

Photo or Video Removal Policy

1.       Anyone who discovers that photographs of himself or herself or family members have been included in St. Luke publications or on the website that they do not wish to remain there should contact the church office by phone or email to request the photograph’s immediate removal.

Copyright Policy

1.       Unless otherwise indicated, photographs and videos published by St. Luke Church are the property of and are copyrighted or licensed by St. Luke Church and may not be used for any purpose (including but not limited to: downloading, printing, distributing, linking) without permission from St. Luke Catholic Church.

2.       St. Luke will obtain permission to use any photographs and graphics from other sources before using within any publication, website or other medium.

Administrative Guidelines

1.       A copy of this Photo Policy will be included on the church website and a copy maintained in the church office.

2.       Notice of the availability of the St. Luke Media Policy and photo removal policy will be publicized in the bulletin, on the website and in newsletters created by St. Luke or its ministries (e.g. Liturgical Ministry Schedule mailings, Young at Heart newsletters), at least once a year.

3.       All appropriate staff, commission, committee, and ministry leaders will be required to adhere to the photo policy and review annually to ensure that the policy is adhered to and followed as the ministry transitions with new members and leaders. 

4.       In any case, where someone declines, asks or does not provide permission for a photo to be published, St. Luke must comply immediately to refrain from taking the photo or delete or remove the photograph.

5.       All appropriate staff, and commission, committee, and ministry leaders will be responsible for clearing any photos from their groups or events and submitting them to the webmaster for the website or other publication. With the photos, they should submit a signed form (to be created) that indicates that they have cleared the photos for publication and granting the church the right to use the photograph. In this way, the burden of complying with the policy is with the leader of the group rather than the webmaster.

6.       Internal use of photographs or videos by staff, commissions or ministry leaders for editorial or historical purposes are exempted from this policy.

Effective July 27, 2011.


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